Online tool to measure trust

Understand how users perceive
and trust technology

Easy to Use

Online survey tool that helps measure user trust at any point in your product lifecycle


TrustedUX is based on empirical and scientifically-validated research


Analyze your data in snap! Get quick insight with automatic charts and summaries

Easy to use

With the TrustedUX tool, you can easily understand how users rate their level of trustworthiness with your product or service. The online tool can support you in all the following scenarios.

How it works

1 Create an account
Either register as a new user or sign-in into your account
1 Create a survey
As soon as your are logged in, create a new project and your first survey
2 Collect data
Send your survey links to your participants to collect data
3 Get a report
Our system will automatically generate your project reports. You can download the report, as well as collected raw data

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an easy to use online service that measure perceived trust of product or service. It enables researchers, designers and anyone else interested to run studies to understand to what extent users trust digital technologies.
Measuring trust on a regular basis can help understand many factors such as whether or not users are comfortable in using your product and how likely would they continue doing so! To be specific, it can help the following set of people:
• Designers: allowing to take into account trust factors when designing a product;
• UX researchers/practitioners: to evaluate trust, figure out user pain points and set a clear metric .
You can create a new account by following the link Try it now. After email verification, you may log and create new projects. Find more instructions here.
Upon successfully creating a project, you will have the option to copy the link next to your created project. Simply send this link to your participants who can then answer your survey.
There are no restrictions on the number of participants in a study.
Data protection is important to us. The data you enter will be processed anonymously and will not be passed on to any third party. Only you know who your test participants and customers are. We therefore have no information or contact details of your test participants.
TrustedUX is a research project, which was funded by NGI-Trust. Our main aim is to provide a tool for UX practitioners to measure and analyze trust to improve technological projects.